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What We Do at ENPA NSW

Whether you join the association or are just interested in viewing our pages, you will become part of an expanding network of nurses (registered and training) who through their efforts both in the workplace and as members of ENPA are working to ensure that the EN role is strengthened both educationally and professionally.


Help to Stay Registered

ENPA is also a basis of professional enhancement for re- registration with CPD points available !

Annual Conference

Each year at a different location, conference is run to education and share knowledge across a wide range of areas to ensure we as Enrolled Nurses provide the best quality care we can offer.

Professional Development Days

The association runs Educational opportunities throughout the year for nurses (both Enrolled and Registered), as well as, Student Nurses to attend 

Our Committee

Our committee sits on several different committees in NSW, to represent not just nurses but the Enrolled Nurse profession to ensure adequate support, representation and fairness is applied


Provide the Annual Enrolled Nurses Excellence Award, for outstanding work

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