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Types of Membership -



The Enrolled Nurse Professional Association (NSW) has 3 types of memberships available for new Members to join under.


These memberships have different entitlements for those members, which are:

Full Membership - Registered Enrolled Nurses


$50.00  (Yearly)

This membership is for Enrolled nurses, however titled, who are registered or enrolled or entitled to be registered or enrolled on the national register


Full Membership - Student Enrolled Nurses


$25.00 (Yearly)

Student enrolled nurses, however titled, who are undertaking a course of training or approved program satisfactory completion of which would entitle them to registration or enrolment by a nurse registration authority as an enrolled nurse, however titled, on the national register.

Associate Membership


$25.00 (Yearly)

This membership is for Persons working in or arround healthcare who have an interest in enrolled nursing (eg EN educators) provided such Associates may not hold office or vote at any meeting or in any election or otherwise may not nominate persons for office in the ENPA. Associates shall otherwise be entitled to such benefits of membership as are determined by the Committee from time to time.

Honorary Membership


Not Applicable

 This membership shall be open to members and retired members upon whom such membership is conferred by the Committee of the ENPA in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the advancement of the interests of enrolled nurses.

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