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2 main types of sponsoring in ENPA NSW.


When you talk about sponsorships ENPA NSW participate with 1 type the recipients of 1 type.


Sponsorship 1.


In the first instance ENPA NSW offer sponsorships to enrolled nurses enabling their attendance at conference each year. These were formerly known as the Ron Flockton Memorial Scholarship and The Roz Norman Memorial Scholarship. The 2 scholarships have now been combined into one sponsorship award for Enrolled Nurse excellence.

Sponsorship 2


Our final form of sponsoring that members and visitors should be aware of is that that comes from our partners to enable conference each year for members and interested parties or individuals. Without the generous assistance from organisations such as HESTA an Industry Super Fund, NSW Health, Maxxia and First State Super, conference may not be able to continue in its current format of a different location every year to benefit those in hard to reach areas. ENPA NSW would like to thank all those who assist us in this manner.

Ron Flockton

Roz Norman

ENPA NSW Current Sponsors


The ENPA would like to thank the following organisations for their conutiued support and sponsorship over the years


Aware Super

(First State Super Fund)


NSW Health



NSW Nurses & Midwives' Association









Interested in Sponsoring ENPA


Sounds like something you would be interested in sponsoring?

Feel free to click on the link to get in touch and find out more information.

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